Posture Therapy & Functional Motion

What is Posture Therapy?

Posture therapy involves simple exercises that are designed to improve your posture and restore correct muscle memory throughout your body, while removing the compensation and dysfunction that is causing your pain.

By changing your position and improving your posture, you can eliminate:

  • back pain

  • neck pain

  • foot pain

  • shoulder pain

  • and more...

Focus of Posture therapy:

  • Experiencing relief from chronic pain

  • Feeling lighter, taller and stronger

  • Getting more out of your current exercise routine or athletic performance

  • Getting your life back!

Why Posture Therapy Works

The reason Postural Therapy works so well is because it retrains your body and your muscles to do what they were designed to do from day one. Pete Egoscue tells us “your bones do what your muscles tell them to do.”

Therefore, if we replace the dysfunction with new, correct muscle memory, your posture will improve and your pain will disappear... just like it has for countless others!

Our Posture Therapy Testimonials

Jim T - Denver, CO - Neck and shoulder pain

I joined Pain Free Clinic of Denver because I have two bulging discs in my neck that impinge on nerves and cause pain in my shoulders and arms. I wanted a program that would correct any posture issues that may be contributing to my neck issues and the resulting pain.  I also wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible. My experience with Pain Free Clinic has been great.  Stasia is great to work with because she is knowledgeable, listens to feedback and continually evaluates the menu of exercises in order to customize the program for maximum results.

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Sample Posture Therapy Exercises


Static Back

Let gravity help bring your head, shoulders and hips into an aligned position. This exercise gives relief to most people who are experiencing low back pain.


Frog Pullovers

This exercise stretches your hip flexors and your entire back and can be a great relief for low and mid back pain as well as neck pain for many people.




Supine Foot Circles + Point & Flex

Want to help sore knees? What about shin splints? This exercise will definitely help when done correctly!

Request a Postural Evaluation With an Alignment Specialist

Our postural evaluations typically take less than one hour and provide a wealth of information about what is causing your pain, allowing us to create a custom postural therapy program to improve your posture and eliminate that pain.

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