Fitness Products We Love!


MUTU System On-line Program

Got just 15 minutes a day to spare? Ready to flatten your tummy, banish leakage, lose weight, heal your diastasis recti? MUTU System has just launched a *BRAND NEW* program designed for busy moms who want to achieve all of the above but don’t know where to turn after months of searching for solutions.

MUTU System for a strong core & pelvic floor


MuTu System Kit Bag

Don’t forget to grab your MUTU Kit Bag with your program! MUTU's awesome kit bag includes ALL the workout essentials you need to get started on your MUTU System Journey.

Here’s what will arrive in your mailbox…

MUTU Cotton Tote Bag (design selected at random)
Resistance Band
Resistance Band Loop
Pilates Ball and straw to blow it up
Cotton Yoga Strap
MUTU Bracelets (You’re a MUTU Mama now. Welcome to our Mamahood!)



Core Elements On Line Training

Core Elements - Your Newest Foundation Training Tool. This is one of the most amazing on-line tools I have ever used!

Foundation Training Core Elements is the newest way to apply and reinforce what you learn at your Foundation Training sessions in an all new streaming platform. It contains over 5.5 hours of engaging content including lectures & theory, exercises, focus sessions and incredibly effective, progressive workouts that you can access on any streaming device (computer, tablet, phone).



True to Form by Dr. Eric Goodman

True to Form is an amazing book with great insights for those of us who spend our days sitting at our desks and in our cars! The Foundation Training exercises are explained and illustrated so well. What I love the most is the very practical ways the book teaches us to use Foundation Training in our every day activity.

True to Form.jpg


Toe Socks

Anyone who has attended one of my classes or come to my office for one-on-one sessions knows that I swear by these socks. I firmly believe they help stretch our feet, reduce painful foot conditions when combined with corrective exercise and improve overall foot functionality and mobility! I have since gotten rid of all other socks. Get some today! You can purchase them at REI and Amazon.

Bungee Chair.jpg

The Bungee Chair *No Arms*

As a postural therapist I don't usually recommend "healthy back chairs". However, I LOVE the Container Store's Bungee chair...the one WITHOUT ARM RESTS. It's comfortable and has great lumbar support without over supporting the back. I now have 2 in my office and anyone who sits in it immediately tells me how much they love it. I used to work at The Container Store, but I think I have "sold" more of these chairs as a postural therapist than I ever did working at the store. Go visit The Container Store and Park Meadows and try one out!