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Why I Do What I Do:

I love the outdoors, jogging, swimming, paddle boarding, skiing, being with family and helping people. However, in 2010 I injured my knee skiing and during the rehab for my knee surgery I strained something in my back and neck resulting in over 2 years of excruciating chronic neck, back and shoulder pain where I couldn't do any of the things I loved.  


From Pain to Healing

I know what it's like to be in chronic pain. Just a few years ago, my neck and back were in so much pain that I was unable to wipe down the kitchen counter let alone do things I loved like running, biking, swimming and lifting. I tried everything I could to get better. After a few years of various therapies that didn’t provide measurable or permanent improvement, I read Pete Egoscue’s book Pain Free and discovered that the root of my pain was caused by dysfunctional and compensating muscles. Pete offered a simple solution: I could feel much better by performing a series of postural exercises on a daily basis. These would reduce pain and improve my posture! The Egoscue Method worked so well for me that I worked with the Egoscue Institute and became a certified postural therapist.


Foundation Training: From Healing to Performance

More recently I’ve worked to become certified in Foundation Training. What an amazing program! Foundation Training has helped me and countless others not only improve alignment but also strengthen the body in all the right places to sustain proper alignment. My back and body in general haven’t felt this strong in a long time and I can confidently say all of my life activity from breathing (yes breathing!) to running, lifting things, bending, gardening and more have vastly improved.


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MUTU System: Postpartum Healing - Diastasis Recti + Core & Pelvic Floor Weakness

MUTU System™ is an amazing, medically endorsed program designed to help postpartum women (of all ages) heal their core and pelvic floor. It is so important that women of all ages know that they can often heal diastasis recti, incontinence and prolapse through correct breathing & alignment & safe, healing exercises done with proper form. MUTU System teaches these things.

MUTU has been a huge help for me related to both core & pelvic floor strength and healing. It has also been amazing for many of my clients and group class members who have ranged in age from 22 - 76 years! This is important for all women whether or not they’ve ever been pregnant and whether you were pregnant last year or 40 years ago! Read more about our core & pelvic floor health & fitness programs.


My Alignment Story

Because of the amazing change that has taken place in my body as a result of these amazing fitness programs I am passionate about helping others get out of pain and improve whole body alignment and agility in the sports and activities they love!

Come visit me at the Pain Free Clinic of Denver & try out multiple classes I teach at the Goodson and Lone Tree Recreational Centers in the south Denver area.