Wellness Workshops

A group wellness workshop is an amazing employee appreciation opportunity. 

Everyone will learn how to sit, stand, work and move in a truly functional manner and will be grateful for this great learning experience!


Contact us today to host a Wellness Workshop for your:

• Business
• Gym / Rec Center
• Mom's Group
• Dental Office
• Salon
• Athletic Team
• School
...and more

The Wellness Workshops are informative and interactive, and will explore the role of posture and motion and the importance of understanding both in relation to physical limitations and pain, whether occasional or chronic. Stasia will share her knowledge of how poor alignment and lack of motion are the roots of most of our physical pain and limitations. She will explain how people can improve their overall well being through this natural approach to pain relief by teaching them how to train their body to function as it was intended through MuTu, Functional Motion and Foundation Training.

Wellness Workshops are great for any workplace: Dental Care Providers, Salon employees, desk jockey's, Mom's groups, athletic groups/teams or just about any group of people who would like to look, feel and move in a healthier way.

Eric Goodman coined the phrase 'Complacent Adaptation' saying that we are "complacently adapting to our seated and sedentary culture and it is deteriorating the nature movement of our muscular body..."  Everyone of us; whether stay at home moms, desk jockeys, drivers, hair stylists, health care providers, dental care providers or athletes, deals with complacent adaptation and/or repetitive motion issues that cause compensation and dysfunction in our muscles and thereby our joints. It is imperative that we change the input we are giving our bodies everyday not by quitting our jobs, but by adding corrective exercise to our daily regime...and this can be as little as 15 minutes per day!

Group Wellness Workshops are Perfect for:


Desk Jockey

Too much sitting, with poor posture can lead to disc herniation, tight hip flexors, poor shoulder alignment, carpal tunnel, knee pain and more.

We can help!


Dental Care Provider

Dentists & hygienists are constantly working with a forward head and rounded shoulder and spine posture in order to help us maintain oral health!

We can help!


Prenatal/Pregnancy & Postpartum

Back pain? Sciatica? Foot pain? Pelvic floor weakness? Diastasis Recti? This can affect prenatal moms, postnatal moms and women of all ages whether mom's or not!

We can help!

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