Undo complacent Adaptation

Do you sit at a desk? Do you spend time in a car? We sit a lot and that is a part of what Dr. Eric Goodman has coined 'complacent adaptation':

“When you think of the overall effect our modern lifestyle has on our body it is extraordinary. Our jobs, our hobbies, our comforts, our daily transportation, and our most efficient technology all keep our body in a realm of slow, steady, complacent adaptation to a seated life. This chronic collision between a collapsing torso and an unstable pelvis by way of gravity… enabled so often by technology developed to make our lives better, it’s tragic.   Our posture represents our response to this dilemma. Are we held captive by a posture defined by pain and limitation, or are we enabled by movement and inspired by a body that can not only sustain, but improve upon its ability daily?” 

3 Focal Points

  • Pelvic Anchoring
  • Decompression Breathing
  • Integration

Foundation Training Works!

Unless we begin to give our bodies new, corrective input we will remain in a state of complacent adaptation, which is often a place of pain for so many of us. Foundation Training's focus on decompressing the spine through anchoring and deep decompression breathing helps us realign and get much stronger in our ability to sustain better alignment.

Chris hemsworth says:

Until I started doing Foundation Training, I couldn't lift Thor's hammer - at least, not without help from Hollywood magic. The problem was that I had injured my back while shooting a movie a few years ago, and it had gotten progressively worse. I tried all sorts of rehab and strengthening programs, stretching, isolated muscle-building, and more, but nothing ever gave me a long-term benefit. I was alternating between limiting my exercises in order to heal the injury and doing more exercises in order to strengthen my back where it felt vulnerable.
Then a stuntman on a film I was working on told me about Foundation Training....For the first time in years I felt combined flexibility and strength in places that had previously been vulnerable...
Like that stuntman, like so many people who have found relief from pain with Foundation Training, I am grateful for the healing.
~Chris Hemsworth, Forward "True To Form" by Eric Goodman


Full posterior (backside) integration from head to foot! This exercise will stretch your hamstrings, strengthen your low back, increase hip mobility and bring your spine into extension. When you do it right your leg and often core muscles are trembling!


lunge decompression

This exercise will help decompress the spine through both anchoring and deep decompression breathing while bringing balanced length to the anterior (front) side of your body). It is also a great hip flexor stretch...we all need that!

Standing Decompression

This exercise creates a strong anchor for the spine and is an amazing decompression exercise!