Class Overview

Below you will see short description of the 3 types of classes we offer. For additional class details including days & times offered click on the picture or title of the desired class or use the drop down menu under Group Fitness Classes.

Functional Motion Class

The Functional Motion Class is a grouping of gentle corrective exercises designed to improve posture & alignment thereby reducing chronic pain & improving balance, stability & movement.

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Foundation Training Class

More intense than Functional Motion with a focus on decompressing the spine, stabilizing the hips & strengthening the body from head to toe. This class will improve strength & reduce back pain.

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Core & Pelvic Floor Classes

MUTU System™ is the premier program to safely & effectively teach you how to heal diastasis recti & pelvic floor issues including incontinence, prolapse & more. Read more about the MUTU class here.

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