Corrective exercise is the best way to heal pain and improve posture and alignment. Just look at the results! These exercises are proven to help reduce and even alleviate back pain, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and more!

Corrective exercise is also needed in order to heal core & pelvic floor issues including diastasis recti and prolapse and incontinence.

If you’ve tried everything and still have chronic, nagging tightness or pain, split abdominals or pelvic floor pain set up your postural assessment today!

Anne B, 28 years old: Improved posture & alleviated shoulder pain!

Anne came to Pain Free Clinic of Denver with shoulder, neck and knee pain. She's been diligent with her corrective exercises and feels so much better. She can carry her baby and get around without the awful shoulder pain she was feeling.

Lorie M - Back Pain

I am go grateful to have found Stasia! I have had chronic back pain for years and after meeting with Stasia for 6 sessions I am virtually pain free. Stasia evaluated my back issues and built a group of exercises for my particular needs. By doing the exercises every morning I have built core strength which helps my back and I am back to living a normal life again! On top of that Stasia is a wonderful person and always a joy to meet with. I highly recommend Stasia and the Egoscue Method!

Dorothy, 72: Knee Pain & back stiffness in the mornings

Good morning Stasia. Success already (after just 1 visit)! Awakened and walked…without pain and stooping over! Thank you for giving me great hope and results…and this is just the beginning.      

Anne S, 88 years old: Can now get up and down from the floor!

Dear Stasia,                                     
I’m writing to let you know how much you have done for me during the past year that I have been doing postural therapy sessions with you.  When I started I could hardly get down on the floor,  and I always had to climb onto the sofa to get up again.  After the first six sessions even my daughter was surprised that I would do the exercises regularly every day, and that I was getting up & down much easier. 

I have been going to Silver Sneakers every 4-5 days a week for over ten years;  but,  even though now I am in my late 80s, I find I am much more capable physically than even thirty years ago.  I suppose I could just buy the Egoscue book; but I really do not have the self-discipline to try to decipher how to benefit from the exercises,  nor have I ever been able to make myself stick to a strict schedule of exercising on my own.   It’s fun to come to the sessions so that you check that I am doing them correctly;  and I don't want to waste our session time by being unprepared.  Therefore one of my priorities in life now is that I do all the exercises every day, even if I don’t get around to them until before my nightly TV programs.

I find improvement comes slowly.  Sometimes, when you add a new exercise I can’t even do it at all;  but with your encouragement, gradually I get so that I can. I like the idea that you personalize the exercises to my individual needs.   For example:  I won’t lie on my back for long periods of time;  so then you changed to exercises that I could do after trying it for a week or two.     

My favorite example of what I can do since taking these exercises, is the Plantar Fascia.  For years I was unable to even get a towel between my toes to dry them after a shower. Now my fingers get in there easily.

Less obvious are the times now that I feel as though I am taller and straighter when I am walking through a hallway or down the street.   I also seem to have more energy throughout the day than I have for many a year.   

Thank You for your help in making my current life more active than it was becoming, and I want to sign up for another group of sessions.    


Jim T, 49: neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain

I joined Pain Free Clinic of Denver because I have two bulging discs in my neck that impinge on nerves and cause pain in my shoulders and arms. I wanted a program that would correct any posture issues that may be contributing to my neck issues and the resulting pain. I also wanted to avoid surgery if at all possible. My experience with Pain Free Clinic has been great. Stasia is great to work with because she is knowledgeable, listens to feedback and continually evaluates the menu of exercises in order to customize the program for maximum results.I feel much better physically. The exercises have been effective at reducing the level of pain in my neck and arms. I was surprised at the level of posture misalignment I originally had. Seeing the change was very encouraging and gratifying. I feel differently mentally and emotionally because I now have hope that I can function well without surgery. I would definitely recommend this method to others. What do you have to lose?

Sharon R, 65: foot pain, neuroma

I am 65 years old and the common sense approach of the Pain Free method appealed to me. Since seeing Stasia only four times, the discomfort in my hip and neck are gone. I had been to chiropractors for years and grateful for the relief, but I had to return 3-4 times a year for adjustments. I haven’t needed any adjustments in the past nine months. I also had a neuroma affecting the ball of my foot and greatly restricting my choices of footwear. The Podiatrist provided no help at all. My foot is now so much better, I’m buying nice looking shoes and enjoying the absence of numbness and pain in that foot.

Stasia was easy to work with, adapted to my schedule and provided the right balance of professional encouragement while understanding human nature as it relates to doing exercises. Her passion to help others be pain free comes from her own healing. I recommend her.

It may seem too good to be true, but you now know it worked for me.

Joan M: chronic back pain

I came to the Pain Free Clinic of Denver because my chiropractor recommended it. My hope was to improve my posture and to keep from going back into chronic pain. After each visit I felt better and looser! Whether I am sitting, walking or standing I am now more in tune with what my body is doing and how my posture is: is my head up, being pulled up by string? Are my shoulders pulled back or drooping forward? Stasia has helped educate me and I am now mentally thinking about what my body is doing more on a daily basis. The exercises help so much that I do them even when I'm super busy. I feel SO much better getting out of bed each day, much less achy...and I feel better throughout day...not as stiff and achy. I am surprised at how well this worked and I'm happy! I even start the day with a clearer head now! I would recommend to anyone, with or without chronic pain.

Lisa N, 46: neck pain, back pain

Stasia Postural Therapy practice has helped me get my neck pain under control. I spend hours walking and standing on the golf course watching my son play golf and used to be in so much pain after. I feel stronger and looser in my low back and legs. I don’t feel hopeless about the future of my back and neck health. I even feel taller. I know that sounds weird, but it's true! Thanks to you Stasia and your postural therapy, I can live pain free. You Rock!!!!!!

Jeff M, 59: chronic low back pain, stenosis, knee pain

As a middle-aged, somewhat overweight but active man, I have had what I considered "typical" lower back pain for years. I've been diagnosed by MRI with stenosis at L4-L5, a few months with crippling sciatica pain treated with acupressure and physical therapy, difficulty straightening up after 2- hour plane rides, and more. I am also bone-on-bone in my right knee, diagnosed by MRI as well.

Because my wife had been helped by Stasia and her postural therapy, I gave it a try. Stasia did an evaluation, took photos, and prescribed about 30 minutes of daily exercises specific to me. After only two weeks of doing these simple stretches and exercises all pain in my lower back was gone. I returned regularly for a few visits while my exercises were adjusted for different goals. After adjusting my overall posture and alignment I have also stopped wearing my 24/7 compression knee brace. My overall results are beyond any expectation I had – I currently have no pain anywhere and am now constantly aware of my posture and its effect on my well-being.

Donna W, 59: scoliosis, back pain

I discovered Stasia Humphreys and her Pain Free Clinic on the Neighborhood website advertising and open house. I have had life long back problems as a result of scoliosis and am always searching for non-surgical interventions to alleviate back pain.

The postural therapy methods in which Stasia is trained and certified (Egoscue University), is a series of gentle corrective exercises tailored for a person’s particular issue. The core belief is that if you improve your posture you can stop chronic pain.

After an assessment, I decided to sign up for 4 sessions with Stasia and was amazed at how quickly my pain had been alleviated. Not only that, but I was able to detect significant improvement in my posture by viewing photos of myself from the first session to the second. Stasia continually worked to improve the menu of exercises to best fit my needs. If you have pain and want to try a non-surgical intervention, I would highly recommend going to the Pain Free Clinic here in Cherry Knolls Shopping Center.

Katie C, 33, Wheaton IL: headaches, upper back & neck pain, shoulder & foot pain

Working with Stasia and her postural therapy exercises has provided me with relief from pain and given me a newfound hope that I will return to the activities I loved prior to my injury. After seeing a number of Doctors and other therapists and finding little to no relief I contacted Stasia. She is walking the journey to recovery with me and I'm appreciative of her assistance and encouragement. Before working with Stasia and Pain Free Clinic of Denver I feared there was nothing I could do to help my body heal. Now I feel much better, have hope and am looking forward to getting my life back!

Alison, 30: foot pain

I like to run. In 2012 I trained for and ran my first half-marathon, and late into the training I developed tendonitis in my foot. I had never had problems before, but it was terrible and I had to take a break in my training and had serious pain towards the end of the race. I met Stasia and she introduced me to Postural Therapy. She spoke to the way our bodies should naturally line up and how small adjustments to stride, stretching and this therapy can cure most any ailment. She suggested a few exercises and routines for me, and my foot healed within weeks. I am now training for my second half marathon and have had no problems!

Katie E, 38: Plantar fasciitis

Thanks Stasia... I can run again without the pain of my plantar fasciitis. With these specific stretches, I am running 6 miles without the pain (and I walk the next day without the pain).

Allen P, Centennial (aka Painless Pope): metatarsal pain

The other day at the gym I realized I was walking on the floor in my socks and the left foot I favor due to many years of metatarsal pain was gone. I spoke to you earlier about success I was having with the alignment exercises and toe socks. The socks are spreading the toes giving me greater foot movement and doing the planter facsia stretch using my fingers between the toes to “purposely manipulate the foot outward” seems to be working miracles. The left foot shoe has special support and when I have to go shoe-less I used to have to wear three socks.  So…..when Craig and I were wishing you some Florida fun I realized for the past hour in the gym that foot just had one sock on and I was not suffering. Don’t come back telling us how good the crab legs were.

Faye 72: Functional Motion class really helped!

I enjoyed meeting Stasia.  She is a very competent and helpful leader.  I was surprised when I woke this morning that nothing hurt!  I look forward to her future Functional Motion classes.  Also, I find myself sitting up straighter!

John C: Back pain, sciatic pain relieved through Functional Motion class!

Several months ago my back and legs were causing me so much pain I could barely walk.  Then my wife mentioned my condition to a friend of hers and her friend gave he the Functional Motion Schedule.  I did not think I had anything to lose so I went to Goodson Rec Center to see if there were any openings for the class that had already started.  Even though I missed the first class, the pain in my back started to disappear after the fourth class, and to date, it has not returned.  I have even started to walk normally.  My biggest problem now is that Tuesday morning, after the Monday afternoon class, parts of my body let me know that the exercises from the previous day targeted parts of my body that needed work.  By Wednesday, everything was back to normal.

I cannot say enough about the benefits of the functional motion class, and I plan to continue when the course resumes in early January.  I have incorporated many of the stretches into my daily exercise routine, and I think I am benefiting greatly from the care that you take in making sure we all do the exercises properly.

Sharon R: Hip pain, bursitis

I am already so much better — I want to say thank you for your encouragement and wisdom.  I’ve been getting up in the morning with much less aching, and my hip isn’t hurting like it was.  What a relief!  I want to encourage you - let you know you have been a blessing to me in your choice of career!

Kathy C: Functional Motion class really helped!

I feel so much better since I started Stasia's class. She is so professional and delightful. It's so much easier to take walks and go up and down stairs. Thank you Stasia!

Melba S: Functional Motion class is amazing!

I am in Stasia's Functional Motion class at Goodson Rec Center. Great class. Just when I feel like going to a Chiropractor or get a massage I go into class and come out feeling great.

Kathleen P: back pain & Functional Motion class

After shoveling my walks and driveway and the neighbor's walks and driveway before class, I was experiencing customary back pain as I was walking into the Functional Motion class.  I reminded myself to go home and take Advil.  After the class, the back pain was gone!  I didn't take Advil and I didn't have pain the remainder of the day or the next!

Nicole B, 24: Dental hygenist with chronic neck & back pain

As a dental hygienist I was experiencing back and neck pain almost all the time, but it was especially painful when driving or trying to sleep. My quality of life was being affected by the amount of pain I was in. I signed up for 8 sessions with Stasia to get out of pain and keep working without pain! The experience was both a blessing and a challenge. A blessing because the exercises were what my body needed to get better, a challenge because I had to battle my physical job/daily activities and still do exercises. Being relieved of pain was motivation though.

Now, when I do my exercises, I feel like my shoulder blades are in my back pockets and I am not in pain. I can sleep better and the position of driving doesn't make me nauseous!

When I saw the before and after pictures it felt like an accomplishment...I was blown away with the differences! Emotionally and physically I am better! I feel like I have more energy and can focus on the things that matter in life rather than how much pain I am in. Improved quality of life!

I would definitely recommend this program for anyone...the sooner the better. I am glad I started this process when I was younger and not waiting until farther along in my career.

Craig A: chronic neck and back pain, surgery recommended & avoided!

Amazing, truly amazing! I had chronic neck and back pain which made it difficult to walk or stand upright. I felt I was doomed to have some awful drugs or surgery. But after a few weeks of treatment/exercise, I can walk without pain and I can stand straight. Heartily recommend this before you try something drastic.

Chris R: Knee replacement & Functional Motion class

Love this (Functional Motion) class-after 6 weeks I am more flexible and able to walk more efficiently after having knee replacements in August & November, 2014! Stasia is very attentive & observant and so professional.

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