Before & After

Shoulder Pain & Limited Range of Motion

The client pictured here came in with pain in her left shoulder and a very limited range of motion. The 2nd photo was taken after just a few exercises we used based on the results of her postural evaluation. Click here to sign up for your evaluation.

Scoliosis + Back pain & Shoulder Pain

John came to me with aches and pains from his knees to his shoulders & had a very hard time standing up straight. After doing varied exercises created to improve his posture & alignment and reduce pain this happened!

John R After.png

Upper back, neck, shoulder, jaw pain & corrective breathing exercise

The client pictured below did 3 breathing exercises designed to improve diaphragmatic (not belly) breathing and reduce thoracic back tightness. Her are the before & afters. She felt taller, looser and better overall after just 3 exercises. As you can see her hips were more level, her upper body was straighter, her pelvis was closer to neutral. Correct breathing is foundational to healing!





Neck Pain + Shoulder Pain


Corrective exercises are imperative to healing, flexibility, stability, balance and functional motion. Just read my story about how I tried everything to heal from debilitating chronic neck, shoulder & upper back pain. I didn’t heal until I started working with Egoscue practitioners who helped me understand the connection between alignment (or lack of) and pain.


This client has neck pain, shoulder pain and tingling in her hands at times. We went through a series of 5 exercises designed to improve alignment of her head & shoulders & foot/ankle mobility. It worked. As long as she does these exercises daily she can avoid these pains now and into the future…avoiding issues like degenerative disc disease in her neck, rotator cuff impingement or tear and more.