Pain Myth #1

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Myth #1:

Treat the symptom by doing exercises focused on where you feel the pain. 

Myth Buster:
Find & treat the root issue

Determine the root cause of the pain and treat it rather than the symptom. Mike's Story (seen below) will explain exactly what I mean. We worked on head and shoulder alignment in order to alleviate low back and leg pain. 

At Pain Free Clinic of Denver we find and treat the root of your pain rather than focusing on your symptom.  We find the root contributors during a postural evaluation where we ask questions about your pain, take photos and do some functional testing.

Mike's Story

Mike came in to see me because of searing back pain, sciatic pain down his leg and drop foot...his left foot dragged when he walked. We took some photos, did a few functional tests and found that his root issue was a forward head and rounded shoulders. We followed up with a number of one on one sessions to get his head and shoulders into a better position and his back pain has greatly dissipated and his foot doesn't drag! 

Moral of the story: find the root + treat the root = feel better!

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