Foundation Training Classes

Our Foundation Training program is a series of 30-minute group classes based on exercises from Eric Goodman's Foundation Training. It is faster paced and more demanding than Functional Motion and promotes deep decompression breathing, pelvic anchoring + whole body integration.

We use a combination of powerful movements, intentional poses and conscious breathing work to activate the muscles of the posterior chain. Here are a few benefits many of our individual and group class clients have experienced:

  • Reduced or eliminated back pain

  • Increased shoulder range of motion

  • Improved hip function

  • Reduced diastasis recti / abdominal separation

  • Improved pelvic floor strength and function

  • Improved posture and alignment

  • Increased torso, pelvic and posterior strength

  • Increased capacity for breathing = increased oxygen levels (a client with cystic fibrosis began breathing better)

This class is designed for anyone in their teens or older. I have an 88 year old client who is has found new strength through these exercises!  All ages and fitness abilities will benefit from Foundation Training because it teaches your body to move as it was designed to move.



Foundation Training - Goodson Rec Center

Thursdays 9:30 AM - 10 AM

  • Jul 11 - Aug 22

  • Cost $91

  • Drop in $18/class

  • Equipment: None