Get help for diastasis recti

As noted at MuTu Systems; Diastasis Recti, also referred to as ‘Divarication of the Recti’ or ‘Rectus Divarification’, is the widening of the gap between the 2 sections of the Rectus Abdominis (or 6 pack) abdominal muscle.

The split occurs at the Abdominal Raphe (Linea Alba and Linea Semiluniaris), the seam of mid-line collagen structures of connective tissue at the front of the abdomen. This connective tissue stretches (weakening in the process) to form a diastasis.

The Abdominal Raphe can now no longer provide tension and stability. All the abdominal muscles meet at the front of your abdomen – so when the linea alba stretches and leaves a gap – it takes all your ab muscles with it. And because ALL the muscles of the abdomen- Transversalis, internal and external obliques, as well as Rectus Abdominis – meet at this center mid-line, all are compromised, and the resultant lack of protection and stability affects the whole body both aesthetically and functionally.

It is common in the later stages of pregnancy, particularly second or subsequent pregnancies. But men, children and women who have never had a baby, get a diastasis too.

Pelvic Floor Weakness:

Pregnancy, posture and alignment, chronic stress, wrong exercises and even poor breathing patterns are often underlying causes or contributors to pelvic floor weakness, pain and dysfunction. Katy Bowman says, "Most pelvic floor issues are created not by one-time events like pregnancy or a skiing accident (like falling on a hip), but by habits that accumulate over time — especially those habits we all share — sitting in chairs the bulk of every day, not using a squat throughout a lifetime, exposure to chronic stress, and then, of course, doing extreme correctives and overdeveloping tension in the abdomen and pelvic floor. "

For many people corrective exercises & correct breathing can help bring strength and healing to the pelvic floor as well as to the gap caused by Diastasis Recti. Equally important is knowing that you want to focus on exercises that don't cause outward or downward pressure is important. This means that exercises like crunches, Yoga Boat Pose are not least not until you tighten the gap and/or strengthen the pelvic floor.

Our Focus:

We will help you learn:

  • Decompression Breathing (possibly the foundation of making positive change throughout your body)
  • Resistance Training (pressing legs together and apart using resistance...and decompression breathing)

  • Alignment! The Pain Free Clinic of Denver is all about alignment using principals from the Egoscue Method, Foundation Training and MuTu Systems makes our clinic the place to come for alignment and functional movement!
  • Move: learn to move functionally and intentionally through corrective exercise.
  • Be Regular: eat well, drink lots of water

Mom's say:

"Over 2 years later and I am fitter and stronger than I was before babies!  My DR has closed to a normal width and my core is strong, stable and functional.  My alignment is so much better, and as a lifestyle change, will only continue to impove with practice.  The best part is, I did all of this while having not one but TWO babies at home.  I found a way to get proven results while not spending hours at the gym.  That's right mamas, there is hope! You can be fit and strong and have a fabulous core even with a baby (or two) at home.  I can't wait to show you how!  It will be fun and empowering and strengthening and relaxing all at the same time!"

~Suzanne E, Phoenix AZ


Diastasis Recti

Full posterior (backside) integration from head to foot! This exercise will stretch your hamstrings, strengthen your low back and bring your spine into extension. When you do it right your leg and often core muscles are trembling!

Diagram of Diastasis Recti Courtesy of MuTu Systems™

Diagram of Diastasis Recti Courtesy of MuTu Systems™


Exercise + Right breathing

Come in and learn which exercises will help you and which may be hurting you. We will also teach breathing patterns that will be of great value to you!


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MuTu Pro Certified

I was blessed & privileged to be a part of the first ever MuTu System Pro™ training and certification! So many people have asked Wendy for local help for years and here we are!  I am convinced that there is no better program than MuTu to help moms heal, restore function, and feel more confident as they get strong!