Start Your Day Aligned, Tall & Strong with Foundation Training & MUTU System™

Foundation Training + MUTU System™

A big thank you to Eric Goodman & Erin Low + Wendy Powell & Jennifer Gibson for a great morning workout! I guarantee that I am going into my day aligned, sitting taller, walking taller and feeling stronger due to an amazing 18 minute Foundation Training workout + a fantastic 11 minute MUTU System core & pelvic floor workout. All of that in under 30 minutes? Yep!

What am I feeling right now...10 minutes after my workout?

  • a well positioned head; ears over shoulders
  • a long, strong and supported spine
  • shoulders back & down, not up around my neck or rounded forward
  • inner thighs/adductors burning
  • relief in my IT bands due to Foundation Training's Internal Leg Trace exercise (love that one!)
  • a core and pelvic floor that are functional and strong

Foundation Training is designed to:

  • decompress the spine to alleviate and eliminate back pain
  • strengthen and lengthen the posterior (backside) chain of the body & improve alignment
  • strengthen our pelvic anchoring muscles (adductors, hip flexors...)

My morning Foundation Training routine:

  • Supine Decompression
  • Internal Leg Trace
  • Founder
  • Anchored Back Extension

Our posterior chain (back side of body) muscles, adductor muscles and hip flexors get weak and ineffective due to our lifestyle of sitting...sitting to work, drive and enjoy entertainment. That's why we need Foundation Training! The result of the Foundation Training work is less back pain for those who have it and/or a stronger core and spinal support system for those who want to avoid back pain and injury. In addition, our shoulders are often rounded forward, tightening the pectoral/chest muscles. Our hip muscles are often tight and externally rotated resulting in shortened IT bands, weak hip flexors and weak adductor muscles. Foundation Training addresses all of these issues.


MUTU System is designed to:

  • Safely strengthen your core
  • Heal diastasis recti
  • Safely strengthen your pelvic floor (muscles between your tailbone & pubic bone)
  • Help heal pelvic floor issues like incontinence and prolapse

My MUTU System routine this morning:

  • MUTU Breath (to wake up, strengthen and reconnect our core & pelvic floor)
  • Circling Cat to Swan
  • Heel Drop with Arms
  • Lift Hips
  • Lamp Post Pee
  • High Kneel  Squeeze
  • Squats

These exercises, created by MUTU System founder, Wendy Powell are designed to help women safely and effectively heal weak core and pelvic floor muscles. They are a beginning platform for women who have diastasis recti (split abdominal wall) and or a weak pelvic floor (urge incontinence issues when running, jumping, sneezing or coughing + prolapse). These exercises also help anyone create strength in their core and pelvic floor in order to avoid these issues down the road. By the way, it is never too late to heal your diastasis split or weak pelvic floor! I haven't had core or serious pelvic floor issues, but MUTU System has made me so much stronger over the past year!

Want to try this workout? Lots of options!

  • Join a group class for either Foundation Training or MUTU System. These 12 week classes are offered quarterly at Goodson Rec Center & occasionally at Lone Tree Rec Center.
  • Bring a friend or 3 and do semi-private classes at Pain Free Clinic of Denver.
  • Visit Stasia in a one-on-one setting where you will learn where the root of your pain or lack of function lies and be given multiple sets of exercises over time to realign, strengthen and help you body to heal and function as it was originally created to do.
  • Purchase Foundation Training's Core Elements on-line program
  • Purchase MUTU System's on line program (15% off using this link)

Contact Pain Free Clinic of Denver today to set up your Postural Evaluation and figure out what program will be most beneficial to you!

By the way, it is now 3 hours post exercise and I am still feeling tall, aligned and strong!