Chronic Pain...I Get It!

My Story - Chronic Neck Pain & Back Pain

I know what it's like to be in chronic pain. Due to a skiing accident + knee surgery + PT ... oh yeah, and poor posture, my neck and back were in so much pain that I couldn’t wipe down the kitchen counter let alone do things I loved like running, biking, swimming and lifting. I tried everything I could to get better (chiropractic work, massage, acupuncture, PT, DO, etc) and after a few years of various therapies that didn’t provide measurable or permanent improvement, I read Pete Egoscue’s book Pain Free and discovered that the root of my pain was caused by dysfunctional and compensating muscles. Pete offered a simple solution: I could feel much better by performing a series of his “Ecises” on a daily basis. These would reduce pain and improve my posture!

Do you have chronic pain? Recurring Pain?

  • Chronic pain?
  • Sports induced pain?
  • Poor sports performance?
  • Neck pain? Back Pain? Foot Pain? Plantar Fasciitis? Shoulder Pain? Carpal Tunnel?
  • Accident induced pain?

Find Relief through Corrective Exercise / Posture Therapy:

Because postural therapy was what finally helped me get out of pain, I decided to start helping others with pain. I am now an alignment specialist certified in Foundation Training, MuTu System™ and a postural therapist certified through The Egoscue University. I went through the Egoscue University program after going through a series of visits with one of their clinics in 2010 and found the exercises they taught me was the answer to my pain issues…as it has been for countless others. Foundation Training, created by Dr. Eric Goodman has also been an amazing program for me and many of my clients! The focus on decompressing and stabilizing the spine has worked wonders! MuTu System™, created by Wendy Powell has helped me have a much greater understanding of how to teach people to strengthen their core & pelvic floor in a safe and highly effective manner.

My back is so much better! I run, bike, swim and do countless other activities Pain Free! You can too. If you are suffering from back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, knee or foot pain, and are reading this blog then you’ve found your solution at the Pain Free Clinic of Denver.  I utilize my training through Egoscue University, Foundation Training and MuTu System to create individual programs for each client. Call or email today to set up your postural evaluation!