Happy Mothers Day! Great deals for Moms this Weekend!

Happy Mothers Day to all you Moms out there! I am so thankful for my Mom! I think Moms are the most generous, self-sacrificing people on this earth...Thank you for all you do ladies!

In recognition of the fact that being a Mom can put a lot of wear and tear on your body whether it be back or neck pain, plantar fasciitis, shoulder pain, diastasis recti (split ab's) or a weakened pelvic floor, Pain Free Clinic of Denver is offering two amazing deals for Moms...

THE OFFERS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE ON MAY 13th (12 AM) and 14th (11:59 PM)! So put a reminder on your calendar for this Saturday and Sunday!

MuTu System 12 Week On Line Program Offer:

MuTu System is offering a 20% discount on the amazing 12 Week Online program. This program will greatly benefit anyone who is dealing with Core weakness, Diastasis Recti (split ab's) and/or pelvic floor weakness (incontinence, prolapse, and more).

Follow these steps to place your order:

  1. Click on this link:  12 Week Program
  2. Type in discount code:  MOM20
    1. (can't be used with any other promo code)
  3. This special sale will be available for a limited time only, from 12 am Saturday 13th May EST - Sunday 14th 11:59 pm EST. Once it’s over, it’s really over… 

Aligned & Well Package for Moms!

As many of you know the Pain Free Clinic of Denver is the place to go if you want to heal from chronic pain, improve alignment, heal your core and pelvic floor and so much more. We've helped clients heal from chronic back pain, plantar fasciitis, neck and shoulder pain through Stasia's certifications with Foundation Training and Egoscue University. 

As seen above, we are also working with women to help them reduce a diastasis recti abdominal separation and to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles thereby reducing and even eliminating incontinence issues. This work is done primarily through Stasia's training and certification in MuTu System™. 

The alignment and pain free package options are offered at 20% off for any orders placed on May 13th & 14th as well. Package options are as follows - prices listed include the discount:

  •   8 Visits:  $630   (includes discount)
  • 12 Visits:   $825   (includes discount)
  • 16 Visits:   $1000 (includes discount) 

Follow these steps to place your order:

  1. Email Stasia at info@painfree.com
  2. Let Stasia know which package you are purchasing (8, 12, 16)
  3. Stasia will call you early next week for payment and to set a first appointment
  4. This sale is good from 12 am Saturday to Midnight Sunday (MST)

Have a great weekend everyone!