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Introduction to Foundation Training Class

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In response to so many of you wanting an Intro to Foundation Training class we have decided to fit one in before Christmas! Its a great time to heal your back and get ready for shoveling snow and wrapping gifts!

Check out this testimonial about how Foundation Training helped a woman with a long history of debilitating back pain and then sign up for the class or forward this sign up link to a friend who needs it! 

The Intro to Foundation Training Class will begin in 3 days, on November 13th! Here are the details:

What: Foundation Training Intro - you will learn the basics of Foundation Training and learn to get it right from the beginning...things like hip hinging, posterior chain integration, decompression breathing, core strengthening, spinal decompression and stabilization! Lots of great, helpful tips to benefit you for life!

When: Mondays for 6 weeks at 5 pm: November 13 - December 18

Where: Goodson Rec Center Rooms 4/5

Cost: $65 in-district & $70 out of district

Equipment: You will need to bring your own yoga mat each week

Hope to see you there. Contact me with any questions!

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