MUTU, Posture & Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton ascribes her postpartum healing of diastasis recti to MUTU System™ and improving her posture! Pain Free Clinic of Denver loves to see the methods we teach making a difference in peoples lives!

Anyone with Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor weakness (including issues like incontinence and prolapse) should to follow her lead and check out MUTU System and for all of you, here is a 15% discount on the easy to do at home program.


Here’s what the Daily Mail article said about Kate’s “Ab’s Attack”:

“Kate is also said to like the MUTU System — a 12-week online programme of post-natal exercise to address this [diastasis recti] and also strengthen her pelvic floor.”

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The article also shared, “Kate has concentrated hard on her posture. After the birth of Prince George, she has worked with personal trainer Louise Parker, who believes that every baby can take its toll.

She has said: ‘Your posture needs a lot of auto-correction after pregnancy, so make sure you are opening up your chest, strengthening your upper back and your core.’”

Diastasis recti is common for postpartum women, but also happens to women who’ve never been pregnant. Men can get it as well. MUTU System is a great answer for anyone with Diastasis and Pain Free Clinic of Denver offers MUTU training as well as postural help utilizing certifications in both the Egoscue Method and Foundation Training.


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