Foot Pain

Love these shoes!

  • My feet love these shoes

  • My knees love these shoes

  • My hips love these shoes

  • I walk with better function

  • I run with better form and function & my hip doesn’t hurt after running

Seriously?!? Yes.

Xero Shoes are my new favorite shoes and the science behind the shoes makes a TON of sense. I had the opportunity to talk with Steven Sashen, Xero Shoe Founder & CEO a week ago and learned a lot about why they created these shoes and why they help your whole body move better and feel better.

We were created with feet that are made to work and function in such a way that they help the body stand and move correctly. We don’t need extra cushioning, we don’t need extra support…we need the muscles of our feet to get strong doing the work they were created to do. Steven explained how our feet get weak and less functional when we wear orthotics, motion control shoes and the like. He shared some cool testimonials about people with plantar fasciitis and parkinson’s who had great results going barefoot and wearing Xero shoes and sandals.

I got a pair of shoes and I’m not kidding when I say these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. I’ve been telling everyone for the past week that they should try these out.

I teach corrective exercise as an Egoscue Certified Practitioner, a Foundation Training Instructor and a MUTU Pro™ and I have a series of exercises I do to maintain good alignment and avoid hip pain and I truly believe that you have to change muscle memory through corrective exercise in order to truly maintain alignment and avoid pain & injury. Wearing Xero shoes has really helped strengthen my foot + force me to use my glutes and mastering

Here’s a link to check these shoes out, you won’t be sorry!

Here’s another link for anyone who wants a free postural evaluation…this is only good if (1) you click the link and sign up before Friday May 24th (2) set your evaluation up anytime before June 30th!